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new art pop art sculpture

​Apples, Pears, Hearts, Ducks and Cowboy Boots...Nothing makes the heart sing more than sculptor DAKOTA PRATT’S whimsical take on everyday objects. This American Pop Artist creates familiar iconic sculptural pieces out of carved wood and vintage bottles caps.

Dakota traveled the American roads, like Route 66, with his parents as a child setting up art shows from city to city. His parents own the leading traditional and contemporary twig art furniture called “Around the Bend Willow Furniture”.

Influenced by his parents artistry and the American scene, Dakota developed his own language of art, paying tribute to Pop Culture with American Craft Art. Dakota enjoys the hours carving out each piece as he thinks about the lay out of the vintage bottle caps. One by one each bottle cap is pressed flat and hammered into the wood sculpture. Once completed, he applies a coat of epoxy resin. The resin protects and allows the colored bottle caps pop with brilliant color.

This timeless American craft of wood carving remains alive through the artistic hands of Dakota Pratt!

I can see your smile as you glance over Dakota’s Ethos Contemporary Art collection of over sized Apples, Pears, and Cherries that stand 5 feet tall. Dakota’s most recent “fruit” project for Ethos Contemporary Art was to design a large “Orange” to go into Hive and Honey, the rooftop bar at the new Irvine Marriot, CA. In addition, the designer at RD Olson purchased the "Diver on a Spring" From Ethos for their new Lido House Hotel in Newport Beach on the Balboa Peninsula.



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